Into the World of Five Star Management

My job is very profitable, but demanding. I am a manager at one of most luxurious and prestigious hotels in the world. It is my job to make sure that everything in the hotel runs smoothly at all times. I have to make sure that my staff stays on task and that my guests are completely satisfied at my hotel. Recently, It came to my attention that I had a lot of responsibilities. Doing all the work has caused me to be overloaded with work. I hired hospitality accountants to help me with my duties.

I began my career at the hotel as a bellboy. It was hard work, but it helped me pay my way through college. After graduation, I applied for managing apprenticeship for the hotel. I automatically got the job because they were familiar with my hard work. I continued to work my way to the to top until I became the head manager. I was so proud of myself. The road was long, but I persevered. Little did I knew, the job came with more responsibilities and headaches.

When I met the accountants, they saw that I had my hand full. I had a hard time running the hotel because I had to handle too many financial responsibilities. The first course of action was to do an audit to control the spending of company funds. Their audit was very thorough and professional. I knew in detail all the things that I could do to save money. I realized I could get rid of some unnecessary jobs to save money.

They also helped with taxes with the hotel. I was always stressed out because my degree was in management, not accounting. The consulting firm had tax professional help me with all the tedious tax documents. I finally had peace of mind.