Breaking Depression on the Yacht

After my brother broke up with his girlfriend, he became depressed, so I wanted to cheer him up. I decided to have a party on a yacht with some of his closest friends. I got in touch with a professional yacht crew recruitment company and asked them if they could provide me with a crew large enough for the party I wanted to throw, and they agreed. I didn’t want to necessarily get my brother drunk to help him forget about his girlfriend, but I wanted to liven him up a little, and I knew that he would be more likely to do it after having a few drinks.

On the day that we had the yacht party, my brother was still his usual, depressed self. As he greeted his friends at the party, he still had a slightly sad look on his face. I asked the DJ at the party to play some fast songs that could get everyone dancing, and then gave him a drink to help change his mood. At first, it wasn’t working, but after a while, he began to perk up and started dancing. After a couple of hours, he was dancing like there was no tomorrow.

I wanted to give everyone a chance to break from the dancing, so I invited everyone to eat and then we had a limbo game after that. My brother is probably the most flexible person out of all of us, so I knew that he would be able to win the game. He showed off his limbo skills and was able to get all the way to the ground without even touching it. I couldn’t even get halfway to that point, and fell on my butt while trying to walk under the limbo bar. My brother thanked me for cheering him up with the party.