Finally on the East Coast

On a trip to the west coast last year, I went to a restaurant that I loved, and I wondered why I hadn’t heard of it before. As it turns out, this restaurant only has franchises on the west coast and some states in the Midwest. I wanted to have one in Brooklyn to go to, so I got in touch with the owner about opening a franchise. I worked out a deal, purchased some property, and began turning it into a restaurant franchise. I hired various companies, such as one for an AC installation in Brooklyn, one for gas work, one for plumbing, and one for painting. These companies worked to turn the property into a franchise that was ready to serve food.

The air conditioner installation was especially important, because I didn’t want my workers in the restaurant to be too hot while they were working in the kitchen. I worked in a fast food restaurant when I was a teenager, and it got pretty hot in the kitchen at times. Although it’s impossible to completely get rid of all the heat in the kitchen, I can at least make sure that it isn’t as much of a bother for the workers.

The restaurant has been open for a few months now, and everyone loves it. People were excited to hear that the franchise had opened up in Brooklyn and wondered what took so long for it to happen. The restaurant has to open early in the morning to serve breakfast food to the customers, and then at 11 AM, it switches over to the normal menu. I come by the restaurant every day to have something to eat, sometimes in the morning and sometimes at lunch or in the evening. This also gives me a chance to make sure everything is going smoothly.