Alternatives to Back Surgery

Chronic back pain is the most common type of chronic pain. It can cause significant disability, loss of function, and loss of time at work. Back surgery is often the only way to relieve pain. There are times and places for back surgery. It is used to treat severe radiculopathy (sciatica, pinched nerve) or spinal instability. It is important that patients understand there are viable alternatives to back surgery and that surgery is not always the best option.

What are the alternatives to back surgery?

Alternative treatments to back surgery are often beneficial for a large number of patients. Patients who are not candidates for back surgery can avoid the risks and recovery time associated with the procedure by choosing non-surgical or minimally invasive alternatives.

Patients with multiple chronic medical conditions known as comorbidities can have difficulty receiving anesthesia safely. Some patients prefer to postpone surgery until their lives are …

When Should I Use An at Home COVID Test?

Our world has been incredibly changed after the sudden and outrageous outbreak of COVID-19. This infectious disease has not only changed our preferences but our thinking pattern as well. MedCare can help determine if someone has this deadly virus. For example, today, your first preference is not to provide better education to your children but to think about the ways to protect them from the transmittable Coronavirus.

This is because you cannot achieve the goal of providing your kids the best education without protecting them from the life-threatening Coronavirus.

The chances of the prevalence of the Covid virus among kids of age less than 10 years are greater than in kids older than 10 years. The percentage of prevalence of Coronavirus is 38.2% among children between 5 to 10 years of age, which is greater than the prevalence percentage of 15 % among the kids of age between 16 to …